Monday, January 30, 2012


Just a short post to say that I'm thankful for the many blessings in my life. Even though I have had headaches for weeks, now have a cold, and struggle with other health issues (not to mention lost my baby girl not long ago)... God is shedding light on my days and showing me things for which to be thankful. 

These light pink carnations were given to us 4 weeks ago at Anna's memorial service. They are just now about done - the last of her flowers, and my favorite. They have been a heartwarming reminder of her delicate beauty.

Last night I air-popped some corn and watched a fun movie with Matt. It was nice to sit, snack and laugh while cuddled up on the couch. My husband is such a blessing. Just his touch on my shoulder can calm me through.

Today, my focus has been largely on my son. Isaac is 22 months old, filling our home with new words every day in his toddler voice, running all over, and pointing out the beauty in simple things. I love his laugh, and I can't put enough kisses on his sweet cheeks. I am blessed to be home with him. Today we got to blow bubbles outside, read several books, play with many toys, and laugh together. 

A special delivery came today from my friends & coworkers at Art 'n Soul. It's a collage in celebration and memory of Anna Joy. Each of them filled a few of the sections of the tray in their own style. My heart is touched by their creativity, time, and love put into it. 

Take time to see blessings in your day. Through art, the people around you, or a cherished memory...


  1. Round 2... Love fighting with my smartphone!

    Yay me, Im first to post instead of days behind... Im so happy to see you finding comfort in the little things. I smiled through your blog. Love the collage, its beautiful and what a beautiful tribute to sweet baby Anna.

    Sitting here in my cozy chair listening to Spirit 105.3. I love listening to the music and at night Focus On The Family. Seems like when im hitting a low spot, the right song will bring me to my knees where i belong.

    Im praying for you and absolutely LOVE you, Matt and Isaac. You are rockin' Christians! I pray to be as diligent and trusting in faith as you are.

    Blessings, hugs and love,


  2. Alissa,

    We've been praying for you since Pastor Dave Ness sent out the prayer request before Anna Joy was born. (He started our church in Cordova, Alaska, where I grew up.) I remember when our Baby Amy's flowers were done and gone. She was delivered stillborn between our two miscarriages. I wanted to hold onto those flowers for as long as I could. I even dried some as a reminder of my precious and beautiful baby girl.

    As one Mom with babies in Heaven to another, I will continue to pray for you as the flowers leave and the rest of the world continues to go on. Below is a verse that helped sustain me when we were going through our difficult time.

    I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
    Psalm 27: 13-14

    In our case, God did the incredibly unexpected. He brought twin baby girls into our family through adoption. It was unexpected since we were not looking to adopt and had just miscarried 18 days before hearing of them - and were definitely still grieving our many losses. But God, in His timing and care for us, took care of everything. May He continue to take care of you, to hold you close, and to instill His peace into your whole family.


  3. It is wonderful to read this light and hope in your post.

  4. Thankful! Me too. This post warmed my heart. Loving you and praying for you still.

  5. I hear some peace in your "voice". It's lovely! Still praying for you all. Each day and every day.

  6. We are still praying for your dear family. This post is so uplifting and inspiring. You are amazingly strong and so faithful. Love and blessings.