Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Song released!

God gave beautiful words and melody to our friend, Kathy Kerber, before Anna Joy was born. This song, originally titled "Little One (For Anna Joy)" immediately touched the hearts of myself and my family, and we'd often sing it over Anna and hummed it to ourselves throughout the journey. It will forever be very, very special to us. 

Kathy graciously let me record a version for Anna's memorial service that was played during the slideshow. Special thanks to John Burch for his time and resources put into that recording at his studio just a few days before the service. 

I had the opportunity to be part of another recording process at Matt Kees' studio on January 8th, one month exactly from Anna's birthday. In this recording, Kathy Kerber performs the lead vocals, and my voice is heard in the harmony, background vocals, and one short solo part toward the end. It was very difficult for me to get anything out. I broke down in tears during my second time through when the 2nd verse says, 
Little one, my heart could not love you more...

The lyrics are truly amazing - only God could've given Kathy such insight into my heart's desires and feelings for my Anna girl.

"Safe In His Hands"

Verse 1
Little one, I can hardly wait to meet you
To hold your tiny hand in my own
To see you open your eyes and know the color that God chose

Little one, our time on this earth may be short
We're only guaranteed His love
So I pray you would always know the Father's gentle touch

You are safe in His hands
And though my tears fall like rain
Though I don't understand
God is real, He is love
You're already a part of His marvelous plan
And all I need to know
Is you are safe in His hands

Verse 2
Little one, how I've imagined what we'll share
I can almost see your smile
What a miracle you are, my precious little child

Little one, my heart could not love you more
I would give my life for you
And though these arms long to hold you close
It's God you belong to


Who am I to claim you for my own?
It was God who knit you together
And if the arms to enfold you are not my own
I will rest in what I know


All I need to know
Is you are safe in His hands

All I can ever know
Is you are safe in His hands

You are safe
Kathy and I at the recording studio
It is now available for purchase from iTunes (and will soon be from some other venues such as Amazon On Demand, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Zune, and Rhapsody). Click the following link to view it in iTunes: 


Special thanks to our friend, Daniel Slocum, for organizing the logistics and getting the song "out there". He also designed the song's artwork.

Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers. We are hitting some rough waves on our journey of grief. We miss Anna so much!

We hope this song ministers to your heart, especially other families who will walk similar paths we have. May it bring more glory to Jesus Christ who is worthy of all praise, and point more people to Him through declaring that, truly, we are all "Safe In His Hands".


  1. Yes, Alissa I am agreeing strongly with your hope, and continue to pray for your hearts to feel His presence constantly as a reminder of that. Hugs Kathy K

  2. Beautiful! Thank you Kathy, for the gift of this song, and Alissa for singing even though it was difficult to do. The recording is just beautiful. I will treasure it. I know it will bring comfort to other families as well.

  3. Awesome so excited about the impact this song will have.

  4. What a blessing to have this song available! "Thank you Jesus for giving the song to Kathy and the talent to Kathy and Alissa to sing it so beautifully." The expressions on your faces in the pictures speak volumes. Anna's story is eternal, a forever blessing. No one who knows about her is untouched or unchanged. Thank you for sharing her with the world even in the midst of your heartache. Love and prayers, Jeanette

  5. I listen to this song daily and sometimes more that once. The strength you have Alissa and you sing your part in the song for your baby girl is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes every time. Praying for you daily.