Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keep Shining

A couple days ago I found some magazines that we purchased last year before we went to Seattle to await Anna Joy's arrival. It was the end of November, so there are a couple of Christmas themed ones. I just picked one up a few moments ago to look at while I ate lunch. I didn't get as far as opening the first page. This is what I noticed in the bottom corner...

That is the very day we let Anna go from this earth and freely soar to Jesus' arms. It brings tears just to see the date. And the wording hurts my heart. "Display until..." then it's on with the next season, the next publication, the next fads. 

Part of me died when Anna Joy left us that day. I miss her terribly and can hardly stand the ache in my broken heart some moments. (Like now...)

Unlike this magazine, I won't ever stop displaying my beautiful daughter and my love for her. She was and will continue to be a bright star that points others to HOPE and JOY and PURPOSE. I won't let her be replaced or put away. I won't ever "move on" from the days I shared with her here. With God's help and support of others, I will move forward bit by bit. But never away from. 

Anna Joy will be displayed forever... even if only in her mama's heart and tears. 


  1. Alissa -- it was a JOY to see you over Homecoming Weekend. My prayers continue to be with you and your family.

  2. I have never met you or your family. My family is continuing to pray for you. My husband and I cannot fathom the pain and sorrow that you have experienced. I know a few things to be true in my life, and one is: the sorrows of today prepare me for the triumphs of tomorrow. Your family is triumphant! Sending you love and light.

  3. Oddly, I think this may have been a sign to you that your Anna Joy is in God's arms and he is telling you she is ok. She loves you and misses you. There is pain today but there will always be JOY. She was a gift. Praying for you always.