Saturday, December 3, 2011

Change of plans

Just got a call from our Dr. saying she's received many calls from Seattle Children's Hospital today asking if we can postpone our induction until Thursday, the 8th. Our understanding is they've had a lot of cases come up this weekend and can't clear the operating room or cath lab completely until then. They want to make the path as clear as possible for Anna. Of course, if she comes before then they will get her in and do what is necessary. But as far as planning, the doctors at Children's want to make it as easy as possible to help Anna in any way they can. We appreciate this, of course. It kinda threw us at first, but we realize there's not much we can do about it. We have to keep remembering that God has it all under control and nothing is a surprise to him. So, we'll hang out in our hotel (and at the mall) a few more days. So we'll check in to the hospital Wednesday evening, and hope for delivery by Thursday afternoon. 

Thanks for your continued prayers! I'm getting pretty uncomfortable physically, and only surviving emotionally because of all the support from all of you. I SO want my baby to be whole and healthy. I keep begging God to heal her. 

Here are some silly photos from today taken while my brother and sis-in-law, Matthew & Kim, were visiting. Hope they bring a smile to you as they do me. 

Matt put on the "bump" they have available in the
 Motherhood Maternity dressing rooms. 

Sister-in-law, Kim, and I.
Her 3rd little girl is due mid-February!


  1. Hang in there my dear. This is all apart of Gods big plan. I'm praying for you daily!

  2. Your perspective on how none of this is a surprise to God is sooo refreshing, and so different than our worldly culture. We can keep up praying!

  3. We can all keep praying for as long as it takes! Maybe Anna will come on her own, or maybe she will play along with the Drs. In any case, you're all in God's hands. Love these pics from today! Glad to see you and M&K together. Love!

  4. Love the photos and LOVE the haircut! Praying for all of you everyday!