Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Six Days Old!

(post by Katie JOY)

I had the priviledge of seeing Anna with her eyes open last night! Though the doctors were wanting her to rest, she wanted to see me..I just know it. She was moving her face, hands and feet. Not a lot, but enough to get everyone excited!! Through tears, Alissa and I sang You Are My Sunshine to her. We asked Matt if he wanted to add a third part, but he declined.:)

Anna had a good night and was able to drain some of the fluid that needed to come out. The doctors slightly decreased the ECMO assistance last night, and her heart is handling it ok so far. The doctors plan to do a trial-run off ECMO around noon today. Her heart appears strong, though there are still some concerns about her lungs. The trial off ECMO will give the doctors insight as to what her next goal will be. Please continue to pray for protection for Anna - the longer she's on ECMO, the higher the risk is for other complications. She is definitely a fighter, and it's wonderful to hear the nurses call her feisty and stubborn!

Isaac is on his way to Seattle to spend some time with Mommy and Daddy. They will get to play at their new home at Ronald McDonald House, and might even get to meet the Mariner Moose this afternoon!!

Another prayer request: Matt needs to get well. He has a horrible cold and cough, which doesn't help when he's lacking sleep.

Thank you, yet again, for your continued prayers and encouragement. Somehow Matt and Alissa find a little bit of energy to keep do the next needed thing, and to hopefully find time to eat something and sleep. God is sustaining them...

If you'd like to send encouraging notes, cards, gifts, etc., please email me at I can send you the information you need.

Oh, and Anna is six days old today...what a blessing she is. Happy six days, Anna Joy!


  1. Thanks for the update, Katie! Thanking God for our six day old sweetie and all that He has already done. Also continuing to pray for Anna, Alissa, Matt, Isaac, the medical team, and all of the Peppleys' "front line" supporters (RCJKMKAB). Love love love!

  2. your baby girl is so inspiring! I wish I had 1/4 of the fighter in me that she does! Praying for your family :-)

  3. Still praying! What a story and testimony you guys already have and God will continue to do. Hey Matt, remember how you used to want to write a book? Maybe God is giving you the story He wants you to write?!

  4. Blessings on you all. We eagerly wait for updates and knowing how to pray.