Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick note from the dad...

yeah, right, quick? Ha! We'll see...

It's Tuesday (I think...) and Alissa is down in the room with Anna, her sister Katie by her side. I'm in a waiting room since I'm sick and don't want to over-expose myself to our little one. It's 8:30 and it feels instead like 11:30. Yes, we are exhausted! We are trying to take everyone's advice and get some rest, but all of you who have gone through similar circumstances know how hard that is.

I think Alissa is posting something right about now, too, so again we'll probably double up on the info. But I gotta say we had a truly blessed moment earlier. For about an hour Anna's eyes were open and she was looking around, frowning, and generally looking like she was getting ready to bellow a great little cry. Nothing verbal came out, and no tears flowed, so that was good. Crazy enough, I would have given anything to hear even a tiny peep from her. Alas, we had to content ourselves with watching her looking at everything around us.

I say that like it wasn't amazing! Jeepers...well - it was. We were just sitting there when one of the nurses said "hey, her eyes are wide open!" I think I knocked over the stand of IV's on my way to see her precious little eyes. I'm not sure because I zeroed in on her (sparing a glance or two at my wife to see the motherly glow on her face), so it's entirely possible I did do damage to the medical equipment, but didn't notice when they had to pick it all up and restart everything. They probably yelled at me, ordered me to leave, and gave me numerous glares while they cleaned up, but I didn't see or hear any of it.

Well, I gotta say that was the most precious hour that we have had so far with our little Anna. And we were both there to share it together! Pastor Dave stopped by about midway through, so he got to enjoy her time of eye-openness too. My brother Joe said he was on his way over as soon as he heard, but since he's coming from Idaho, he didn't make it. Even if he caught a flight, I don't think he would be here yet and her eyes are closed. Sorry, Joe.

We also had a good chat with one of the doctors today. She told us that basically she is doing good, except for the one set back yesterday. If enough fluid clears from her body tonight, they will try and take her off ECMO for a while to see how she does. We'll know in the morning if they will be able to try once they take an x-ray of her chest to see how much air is getting in there. We'll try and keep you posted.

HA - the fire alarm is going off again! I guess I gotta go, see if it's real or if we are okay to stick around.

Love yoam'lfkdsanl ;we errrrr!!! lemme goo!!! I gotralak;a ;ja'aaa aaahhhhh!!!!


  1. Jesus loves me this I know
    For the Bible tells me so
    Little ones to Him belong
    They are weak but He is strong
    Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves me
    The Bible tells me so

  2. I do remember how hard it was to get rest and while you should try and rest up I think that God will sustain you and give you just what you need! I remember having a couple of those exact times when he would open his eyes and for that little time the whole world stopped :-) I remember him trying to cry but he couldn't because of all the stinking stuff all around him and down his throat. Praying for you guys during these hard days...it's an indescribable experience that a non nicu'er can't completely grasp! You guys are doing great and I appreciate all of the updates you give to us who are praying! Helps make the prayers more specific! Enjoy your miracle!

  3. I'm waiting for a picture of sweet Anna's feet! I can't be the only mommy out there that loves baby feet! Yes, her hair is adorable and her sweet face makes me tear up, but I still want footsie pictures!

    On a more serious note (although I do seriously want feet pictures), this progress is nothing short of miraculous. Surgeons do what they do, and nurses can provide 24/7 care, but only God can make things go better than any expected! I love checking into this blog to see the miracle continue to unfold, so thank you for sharing.

    I love seeing Isaac meeting his baby sister. I remember Amanda meeting Emily (Emily cried which made Amanda cry) and then later the girls meeting Thomas (they were quite disappointed that he just layed there). Those are precious memories! Holding you in my prayers, many times a day...