Saturday, December 3, 2011

First week in Seattle

We've been staying in our hotel for a week now. We've made the best of it as our little home away from home. Here is our little Christmas tree, lights, and little Scentsy that helps it smell yummy (thanks, Katie!). 

We went to see "Arthur Christmas" Monday evening, and thought it was good. We liked how there was no real villain, just characters trying to figure out their own flaws and motives. Also, I appreciated how they emphasized that every child matters. We both got teary at the end when they peek in on little Gwen still asleep, waiting for Christmas morning. Later we told each other how we both thought of Anna and how much we want to see her grow up and share special moments, like Christmas mornings, with her over the years.

Matt's mom brought Isaac up to visit Tuesday and spent the night. It was great to see him and I think it was good for him to see where we have been. He, and therefore, we didn't sleep very well, so decided it best not to have him spend a 2nd night with us. I bawled when he left again. I have missed him so much, and was hoping to see him again before Anna comes. But we realize it's a lot for me, emotionally & physically, to see him and then have to say goodbye over and over. And he seems to be doing great with Grandma Lou. (Thanks for all you're doing for us and Isaac, Louise! We appreciate it very, very much.)

Our appointment at UW Wednesday was longer and more intense than expected. Doc wanted us to decide on how aggressive we want to be with help/intervention for Anna after she is born. No one should have to decide these things. It's so heart-wrenching to even imagine the possibilities, and then to have to decide on which nightmare we would prefer... not an easy task. But somehow (thanks to all of your prayers) we were able to talk it through, despite the raging emotions and inevitable tears, and come to a place of peace. 

Two friends from Olympia came up Wednesday afternoon and had dinner at Macaroni Grill with us. It was nice for me to have some time chatting with girlfriends in our hotel that evening. Thank you, Amanda & Lisa!

Thursday my parents, Randy & Cathy Freeby, came up and spent the day with us. It was comforting to have them here, to spend the day together and share encouraging words we've all received from many of you. We shopped and had lunch at University Village, enjoyed the Christmas lights all around, darling children's shops (Pottery Barn Kids & The Land of Nod), and frozen yogurt at Red Mango. I was worn out!

Yesterday I was actually able to sleep in a bit! We met Dave & Joy Ness (pastors of North Seattle Church of the Nazarene) for lunch. It was such a blessing to spend time with them and hear more of their story. After lunch Matt surprised me with an appointment at Gene Juarez for a manicure, pedicure, and haircut. It was so relaxing. He dropped me off and then went back to do our laundry. I am very blessed by my sweet husband! 

I started keeping track of contractions at 7pm last night, and they remained strong and steady for a couple hours. We went to the labor & delivery at UW to get checked out. Doc said I'm probably in early labor, but to go back and try to sleep the rest of the night. Things seemed to calm down after 11pm, and we were able to sleep pretty well. 

Today we are taking it easy again. My brother and his wife, Matthew & Kim Freeby, are coming up to visit for a few hours. Yay!

Thanks again for reading, caring, supporting and praying. God is carrying us... one moment at at time... one breath at a time. Anna's arrival is coming very soon. I've had my anxious moments of panic, but mostly have been pretty calm as I depend on the Lord's strength. I keep reading over the scriptures many of you have shared with us, keep singing the songs of truth God has blessed us with. 

I have so much more on my heart I want to write about. Maybe I'll get to share again later tonight.

Bye for now...


  1. You are on my mind & heart constantly today. So glad you've had loved ones and friends both new and old coming to visit. You know who sustains you. Thank you for the updates!

    With love and hopeful expectation,


  2. It was so nice to see your update. You have been in my thoughts all day and all through our prayers today we've been lifting you and Matt and your little baby up and hoping for peace and strength for you all, especially little Anna.