Sunday, December 4, 2011

A view from the dad

by Matt

If you have read one of my wife's recent posts, or chatted with someone in our family, or just have that preternatural sixth sense, then you know that Anna's birthday has been delayed. Personally, I'm not sure what to think about the delay, except it does mean a few things. 1) I get to "enjoy" a few more days off work. 2) We get to "enjoy" the hotel's breakfast for a few more days. 3) Our family (and friends) get to "enjoy" the random trip up to Seattle to visit us. And 4), my mom gets to "enjoy" a few more days of taking care of Isaac all by herself.

Okay, one of them - the fourth one - I think my mom really does enjoy, and she's not doing it "all by herself" either. Lots of other family members are checking in on her or helping her out quite a bit. And, admittedly, I really am enjoying not being at work...but maybe I shouldn't say that too loudly, since the company I work for has great benefits that are providing me with the ability to be with my wife as we wait for Anna to come, right? Right. I'd like to keep that job.

Anyway, back to the original story. It is now Sunday night and we are still in the hotel. We were supposed to be checking in to the hospital tonight. Alissa's family was supposed to be here helping with that. My mom was supposed to be picking up my brother Tony from the airport. Another brother, Joe, was supposed to be driving over from Idaho. But none of that is happening. And we are still in the hotel. Yes, I already said that, but it's true, we are still in the hotel. Which means Anna Joy is still in mommy's tummy.

Now, I want you all to remember the simple fact that Anna is doing super good while she is within the womb. It's when she pops her dear little head out that the troubles start happening. So, really - all in all I'm not too disappointed that she hasn't done any popping out yet.

That being said, I eagerly anticipate seeing her for the first time. I'd be a shame to my calling as a Christian if I didn't eagerly anticipate her arrival. God called me to be a good husband and a good father, so - dadgumit! that's what I'm gonna be. I love my wife Alissa, I love my son Isaac, and I love my daughter Anna Joy. I also love Cara and Mel (our two former cats), but they're not really in the picture anymore since they are indeed "former." Anyway - I would be remiss if I didn't say that I can't wait for Anna to join us, regardless of how God chooses to show up. Oh - He will show up. In fact, he already has.

Does anyone else realize how big this thing has gotten? Granted, we haven't appeared on 60 Minutes, or Oprah, or even the local news channels or papers. No, but our story has spread across our known world in ways we never imagined, and even beyond. Just today, we got a special delivery of Christmas goodies from a young woman that we don't even know! A person who has not met us our Anna (okay - no one has yet, but you know what I mean...), is baking for us! How cool is that?!?!

Also, a dear friend of ours organized a prayer vigil at Mt. View for us. I don't know the exact numbers, but I hear there was a great turnout. By the way, the prayer vigil was going on at about the time we received the call from the doctor about changing the induction date. And if I didn't believe in the power of prayer before (which, by they way, I did), I do know. As we sat and listened to another change that put more stress on this situation, we felt God move into this little hotel room, grab us by the shoulders, look us straight in the eye, and say, "It's going to be all right. I am in control." Wow! Let me say that again: WOW! Yes, we felt God's presence in a very real and tangible way last night. And we can't thank all of you enough for all of the prayers that have been sent heavenward for us and our dear little girl. And Isaac (but not Cara and Mel).

Also, we have been blessed by many of you with financial gifts. I, as the official bread-winner, can't tell you how much of a burden that your bread-providing has lifted from me. I like bread, as does my wife and son. And while I still get bread from my job, eating out, hotel, gas, and various and sundry expenses, not to mention medical bills, adds up pretty quickly. So: Thank you. Let me reiterate that by saying it again: Thank you. Again, THANK YOU.

Okay - okay - okay - I better wrap this up. As you can tell, I'm pretty long-winded when a keyboard is placed under my fingers. Plus, I think my wife is writing a post too as I speak (or, more accurately, write). I'll see if I can beat her to it. Also, apologies if I've written about something that my wife has already written about. But hey - two perspectives is better than one!

Dangit! I just found out my wife posted hers. She won.


  1. Still following and praying ... expecting a miracle. I asked my church (Olympia Christian Reformed) to pray for you all this morning.
    D. Bell

  2. Yay for cookies and family and the peace of God! Love you guys so much - prayers still ascending!

  3. My Sunday School class at Westwood is joining in prayer for you this week. xoxo!

  4. Matt-U, BUDDY! You have been coming to mind frequently these past few weeks...and I didn't know why until Heidi posted this link on her facebook. Now I know why! I just read all of your blogs and my heart is very heavy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family this week. I will be looking forward to updates. Hang in there Buddy! Love ya. -Bev =)