Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Specific Prayer Requests

  • Unity for Matt & I as we face decisions for labor, delivery, and care for Anna.
  • I hope for labor that is not too long. (Very long, difficult labor & delivery experience with first baby.) 
  • Pray that our doula will be helpful and will be a good fit personality-wise with our family, doctor, and nurses. 
  • For wisdom for the nurses, doctor, and medical staff who will be helping us. Pray that communication will be clear.
  • I would like delivery to be as smooth as possible so I can heal quickly and not have physical limitations interfere with care for Anna.
  • May God orchestrate everything involved with the birth - timing of induction, length of labor, ease of delivery, when family arrives, who can visit, how our son Isaac can come see us and meet Anna, where people wait and sleep...
  • Our sweet son, Isaac - He is only 20 months old, but we know he can sense something big is happening. Please pray for protection for his emotions and that he would be enveloped with peace. I hope he is OK with the different family & friends he has had to stay with, and that whatever happens after Anna's birth will be a smooth transition for him as well.
  • That I will be able to be real - not afraid to show my emotions and preferences. To communicate affectively.
  • That Matt will have the support he needs as a man/dad - he will be the one to go with Anna to Children's and have to witness a lot.
  • That family relationships will be protected; everyone will be sensitive to each other and the whole experience will draw us closer together. 
  • We will be able to share our faith if the opportunity is right. Through all the emotions and challenges, we would be able to sense the Lord's guidance in conversations and situations.
  • I would really like to hold Anna girl. I can't wait to see her, touch her, kiss her... I want to look into her eyes and tell her I love her.
  • I'd like the timing of an epidural to be perfect so that it gets me through delivery, yet doesn't hold me back from going to Children's so I can be with Anna.
  • That the neonatal team would be skilled in their care and assessment of Anna immediately after birth - that they would have keen sense of what to do, to not give up too soon, and to be open to options they perhaps didn't think of previously.
  • That we would sense the holy presence of Emmanuel - God With Us - every step of the way. May we be aware.


  1. Thank you for posting these specific prayers.

  2. You and your family are being covered in a huge blanket of prayer and love by those known and unknown! Thank you for keeping everyone engaged and informed. God bless your journey tonight.

  3. Thanks, LIssa. Printing these and keeping them with me.

  4. praying for each and every request.

  5. I got a call at work last night that I might want to go see this news story. In 1987 my son, Colin was born with multiple heart defects. He was full term; we had no forewarning. The first thing we heard was HLHS. He was transported to Seattle Children's in the middle of the night. We waited to see if he would survive the first 24 hours. He had his first surgery at two days old. The second at three weeks, then six months and four years. Colin is now 24 years old and I'm having a hard time typing this for the tears. He has thus far not required a transplant and even gotten by without the worst of his four defects being corrected, so far. He is married with two young boys of his own and lives here in the Puget Sound area.
    He is the one who called me at work last night.
    I believe! With every part of me, I believe. God bless Anna's unique and special heart.

  6. Praying for each of the requests and will be thinking of your little Anna tomorrow!

  7. God is holding you. We are praying.

  8. I am sitting here thinking about the miracle birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour and realizing that our God is large and in charge! Praying for miracles in every area of concern!
    Soon you will meet your beautiful little Anna Joy!
    May you feel all the love and prayers that are being said for your family!
    Linda Jones

  9. Thank you for asking for specific prayer. I'm printing it up and carrying it with me tomorrow at work... and praying! Nothing, but nothing, is beyond the control of the Lord. Even this. Especially this.

  10. I am a friend of Angie and Ryans, I will be praying for you all. God is able to do all things. Mary Odell, Fort Collins, CO

  11. Praying for these requests specificially today. Love you guys-Carrie Hays.

  12. Prayers are with you the parents, Baby Anna, her doctors and the entire medical team.

    May God watch over all of you.

  13. I am praying all your requests are met with greatness and success! We hold you in our hearts and prayer dear sweet Momma!